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“Love to all of you! This has been the most difficult struggle of my life. Cancer 12 years ago seems like a breeze compared to this.

The symptoms take me on a roller coaster ride from day to day. I have been a frequent flyer in ambulances with many hospital visits over the past few years, and hope to end that trend.

helpdeannadotcom_010I have not been able to work due to the severe weakness and symptoms. The expenses are piling up quick, and as I burn through my life savings, I’m coming to the end of my resources for treatment. And without resources there’s no hope to make it to remission. This is a very frightening reality as I still cannot fully care for myself.

It is my dream to be strong enough to help others who also suffer with these terrible symptoms. I’ve gone through 12 hospitals, 92 doctors and numerous ambulance rides thus far on my journey. If you ever wondered why medical establishments are called “practices,” read about the treatments I have tried thus far on the Lab Rat page. I’m currently seeing two top Lyme doctors (MD and ND) who help keep me out of a wheelchair most of the time and off the oxygen machine. But I still have a long road ahead.

If nothing else, the main message I want to impress upon my readers is that if you suspect any possibility at all of having contracted Lyme, get properly diagnosed and treated immediately! Do not allow your doctor to make you wait weeks or months for an appointment. Time is of the essence and the longer you wait the more likely it is to progress into a chronic form which is currently incurable. Most importantly, arm yourself with all the pertinent knowledge you can. Insist on getting IGeneX and Advanced Laboratory Services tests performed. Until the political battle over this disease is resolved, you are your own best advocate, and agree that is difficult when sick.

Thank you for your prayers, thoughts and contributions.”


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– To learn more about my battle with Lyme, start with My Story page. I also keep a journal in my blog when I have the strength to write. Just select “Deanna’s Journal” from the blog categories list in the right-hand sidebar.

I highly recommend watching the documentary Under Our Skin, especially if the subject of Lyme Disease is new to you…